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RH3 Consulting helps education organizations make a bigger impact for more young people by improving organizational health, providing strategic legal and operational guidance, and managing key projects.

Working Together
Young People - Meeting With Computers

Improving organizational health

Do individual behaviors, including management practices, align with the social good you're trying to accomplish? Is your leadership team high-functioning?
Does everyone in the organization know why the organization exists, what's most important right now, and how they can help accomplish that primary objective?

Providing strategic legal and operational guidance

The law requires equitable access to educational opportunities. Are you finding creative ways to ensure that happens in the face of real or perceived legal or operational hurdles? Do you understand all the options so you can confidently do what the communities you serve want for their young people?

Managing key projects

Do you need creative, systems-thinking to solve complex problems? Are all team members able to leverage refined systems and efficient tools so they spend most of their time doing their highest value, best work?

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