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Why should you work with me?

I have two decades of professional experience, in for-profit and nonprofit companies, in small and large government agencies, and in startup and well-established organizations.

I’ve spent most of my career managing teams of colleagues and leaders in other organizations to remove legal and operational barriers to making high quality public education a reality for more students. I have enjoyed using systems thinking to solve complex problems in technology and data, operations, and finance. I've refined operating systems and management behaviors to reduce burnout and increase retention of key employees in multiple organizations.

I've learned that people's passion for an organization's mission will mask the symptoms of an unhealthy organization - but only for so long. Eventually, burned-out staff, inefficient processes, and limited strategic clarity affect the quality of the service or product the organization is trying to deliver.

I look forward to helping you make a greater difference in the communities you serve.

You can read more of my professional background on LinkedIn.

-- Rich Haglund, Chief Zamboni Driver

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