How I work

I want to help you make a bigger impact for more young people.

Think of your organization like a sports team.

I can help you make a great playing surface, creating the conditions that allow your stars - individuals and teams - to fully and sustainably apply their passion, skill, and commitment to the organization's mission. I can do this by improving organizational health, providing strategic legal and operational guidance, and managing key projects.

Our work together will generally follow this order:

  1. Initial consultation: We'll talk through your current circumstances and areas where I can be of assistance. Ideally, we'll shed some light on how to solve some challenges in this first conversation.

  2. Project planning: Once you decide I can be of service, we'll develop a project plan with clear goals, timelines, and deliverables.

  3. Project execution: Along the way, I'll work with internal and external stakeholders you identify, deliver services and necessary training, and check in regularly to provide updates, make requested adjustments, and incorporate feedback.

  4. Getting out of the way: My long-term goal is for your organization to make a bigger impact and to do so independently. So, once we verify that you have what you need, I'll see myself out!

Giving a Presentation