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He's just a dad.

The international soccer superstar landed in Miami this summer. And he's been scoring goals with apparent ease. And he's been celebrating creatively. This article chronicles Messi's superhero goal celebrations.

It turns out the celebrations originated with summer movie nights at the Messi home. As they watched movies together, they practiced goal celebrations corresponding to the heroes in each movie. Messi said,

"My sons have not started school yet, so every night we watch Marvel superhero movies. They came up with the idea and asked that whenever I have a game and score a goal, I do a Marvel superhero celebration. That’s how it started, and we continued that ritual. Each time we watched a new movie, we would practice a goal celebration."

He added that he only does them at home games when his children are there, "so we can share those moments."

He may score goals like a God, but he's just an average dad, doing his best to love his kids.

At the end of the day, it's good to remember that everyone is a good soul trying to do right. We might miss that if we are busy putting them up on pedestals or trying to knock them down.

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