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RH3 Consulting Services

What do you need to get to the next level?

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Develop your leadership team

Organizational health is founded upon a cohesive leadership team. I can help you:

  • Assess the current state of your leadership team,

  • Determine areas for improvement, and

  • Lead the team through the steps necessary to excel.


Establish organization-wide strategic clarity

Without strategic clarity across the organization, individuals flounder and are increasingly likely to leave. I can help the leadership team develop and communicate strategic clarity across the organization, so each team member will know how to help the organization succeed.

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Leverage strategic legal and operational guidance

Through 20 years as an attorney and operational leader in education organizations, I've developed a unique understanding of the operating context for local, state, and federal agencies. I can provide thoughtful, strategic guidance that enables you to confidently serve young people and communities. I can provide training and legal counsel to support your team members in ways that comply with the law and align with your organization's mission and core values.

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Spread effective management throughout your organization

By spreading effective management practices throughout the organization, all team members can have consistently rewarding experiences that help them develop professionally while working in sustainable ways. I can help you establish empowering policies and practices to attract and retain diverse teams that thrive and extend the organization's impact through equity and inclusion.


Manage key projects

Making high quality public education a reality for more students is more likely to occur when people spend most of their time doing their highest value, best work. I'm a highly organized, creative problem solver skilled at executing key projects with remote teams of colleagues and peers in other organizations.

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